Creative Thinking Demands Company’s Relocation to Cleveland

Pantek, a NE Ohio company that specializes in Linux based software development, technical support and technical security services, has “creatively” grown out of their space. Not often does “creative” and “technical” cross paths in a statement, but Pantek has taken a technological business and integrated innovative creativity, methodological ingenuity, and “outside-the-box” thinking to new levels of business growth which caused a demand for more space and a move.

Formerly based in Solon, Ohio, Pantek’s expansion was generated by a distinctive approach to business and unsurpassed customer attention. “We’re all working hard in short-term, to make a huge long-term impact on the industry and for our clients,” said Richard Zack, CEO of Pantek, “I have surrounded myself with people who love to work in this field and have inner motivation that pushes their thought processes to new heights.” Pantek’s momentum and growth has steamrolled through the first part of this year which made a move to larger offices necessary. “98% of our business is not in Ohio”, stated Zack, “but we decided to stay local because my associates and I believe that we can help Cleveland grow and represent the community well as a leader in open source technology.” Pantek’s thinking application has always been different than other companies. Pantek’s staff creatively balances realization with actualization like a successful ad agency would operate. Innovative thinking that is realized, applied and customized for our individual customers needs.

Pantek began as an internet service provider back in 1995 and was re-started in 1999 focusing on IT services around open-source solutions. The move to The Sterling Building at 1255 Euclid Avenue has been quick to ensure non-stop service to their clients. Historically, their have been several large internet companies in the Sterling Building so it was an excellent choice as a technological center. Pantek employees will be in the new offices effective August 20th with an open house for clients and vendors.

“Cleveland is a great city” said Zack, “When the brightest minds in the country graduate from their academic endeavors, we want them to consider Cleveland first. We believe Pantek has the opportunity to become and American technological institution which could reflect greatly on young professionals nationwide drawing them to Cleveland.” The growth potential for Pantek is amazing because of the qualified “creative” thinkers that are on staff. Pantek plans on bringing many more jobs to the Cleveland area in the future to help the community as well as the growing cultural and artistic revolution that has risen to new levels in recent years. “We are proud to call Cleveland our home because it has always been our dream to have our company located downtown”, stated Zack, “with hard work and a team generated focus, dreams can come true.”