Pantek Forms “Devilish” Partnership

Pantek, a NE Ohio company that specializes in Linux based software development, technical support and technical security services has forged forward once again and partnered with a “Devilish” mover and shaker in the Linux technical community. Devil-Linux, a distribution which boots and runs completely from CDROM, has agreed to have Pantek handle all of their North American support. Devil-Linux was originally intended to be a dedicated firewall/router but now Devil-Linux can also be used as a server for many applications. This is where Pantek.s expertise “takes the devil by the horns”. As the North American support partner, Pantek will provide commercial technical support services, 24/7/365 just like they do for all of their clients.

“The support we provide is an integral part of any new software or operating system,” stated Richard Zack, CEO of Pantek, “when problems or questions do arise, we are there to make sure the Devil-Linux user can continue working successfully”.

Devil-Linux is, as every other Open-Source project, driven by the many contributions made by many developers across the globe. This unique operating system is designed to install without the use of a hard drive. It requires the use of a CDROM and a write-protected floppy.

Pantek forms cAos Foundation partnership

Pantek, a NE Ohio company that specializes in Linux based software development, technical support and technical security services, has recently formed a brand new partnership with The cAos Foundation.

The cAos Foundation has created CentOS, a new distribution of Linux using the lessons learned from other distributions to start over and make a better solution. Pantek is now an official support partner of cAos, offering professional technical support, software development, and technical security services to users of cAos software.

“The cAos Foundation delivers excellent open source software”, stated Richard Zack, CEO of Pantek, “with this partnership, users of CentOS Linux and all cAos software now have professional support and security services available at their fingertips.”

An advantage of CentOS from a technical standpoint is that the OS is structured on a minimalist build environment where engineers are able to control dependency trees. Most distributions take a different approach, which leads them into a mass of inter-winding dependency trees which makes core customizations very difficult. By keeping the core light and free from unnecessary dependencies, cAos offers a unique system which is not only capable of being a very good general purpose distribution, but also something that can be easily tuned and optimized for a particular task.

“Pantek is pleased to partner with open source software organizations like cAos,” said Zack, “we have increased our level of commitment and contribution to the growing community of open source contributors and users focused on producing enterprise-level, community-produced and managed open source software and solutions.”