Advanced Anti-SPAM & Anti-Virus Filtering Available

Introducing the latest free enhancement to the CybrHost product offerings — advanced spam and virus filtering for all email domains hosted on the CybrHost email server!

Now featuring:

  • Individual user settings allows each user to adjust filter strength and threshold settings to their liking.
  • Per-user message quarantines allow you to review questionable messages at your convenience, prior to their delivery to your inbox.
  • Virus filtering is updated hourly to help catch the latest virus threats.
  • Multiple levels of filtering, including blacklists, content scoring, bayesian analysis, and Sender Policy Framework (SPF).
  • Web-based configuration allows users to access spam filtering features from anywhere, at anytime.
  • Daily updates ensure the latest spam tactics are identified.

We will begin moving all customers to our new filtering system beginning Wednesday, May 31st. Once your email is filtered through our new system, you will receive an automated welcome message. This message will contain instructions for accessing your quarantine and preferences. The message will also contain a temporary password, so be sure to change it when you first log in to ensure the highest security level.