CybrHost continues as a Miva Merchant partner

As many of you know, CybrHost has been a Premier Partner with Miva Merchant since 1999, indeed one of the very first hosting providers to offer the Miva Merchant shopping cart product as part of our standard services offerings.

Earlier this year, Miva announced a change of their core business model.  They began ending partnerships with nearly all of their hosting partners, except a few of their largest and most trusted.  They also announced software improvements and new features, along with a price increase.

We are pleased to announce that as one of Miva’s original and most trusted partners, CybrHost will remain a Miva Merchant partner going forward.  CybrHost will continue to offer the same high level of service and support for all versions of Miva Merchant.

Handling Success – Larry Jordan and CybrHost; Online store sees traffic grow over 10,000% in a single hour

It’s not often an online store will see traffic grow over 10,000% in a single hour.  When CybrHost customer Larry Jordan was featured in an Ars Technica article about Apple’s new Final Cut Pro X software release, traffic at his site,, went through the roof.  CybrHost is proud to host his site and contribute to his success.

Mr. Jordan was equally pleased. “We’re thrilled with all the traffic – and especially happy that we host our store with CybrHost. They handled this huge increase without a moment’s notice. They worked tirelessly to get ahead of the traffic and keep us informed – for which we are eternally grateful! We’ve always appreciated their personalized support and economical pricing, but this proves their excellence in every aspect of merchant hosting.”

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