New CybrHost Client Service Portal Launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Client Service Portal!

This new portal provides all customers with enhanced capabilities to manage your account and services with CybrHost. Some of the new features include:

  • Manage your authorized account contacts
  • See all past invoice history and credit card receipts
  • See all announcements and network service issues in real time
  • Add security questions to your accounts

Also, we have rolled several existing features into the new portal,  in order to provide you with one centralized place to manage your account:

  • Open Technical Support tickets
  • Open Billing and General Service tickets
  • Manage your address and payment details
  • Browse our store and order additional services

CybrHost Portal

All customers will receive a separate email shortly with your new username and password details.   If you don’t want to wait,  you can get started now by visiting this link,  and clicking the “Request a Password Reset” button:

Dedicated Server Security Upgrade Notification

Upgrade Information for Dedicated Server Customers
with CentOS4, RHEL4, and Earlier Server OS versions.

This is a customer server security notification for 
Physical and Virtual Dedicated Server Customers.

Several operating system versions in use by our dedicated server customers will reach their “End of Life” early in 2012. This means the software manufacturers are ending support and will no longer provide security and maintenance updates.

All dedicated server customers using Red Hat or CentOS Linux versions 4 and earlier are affected.   In order to maintain system security, as well as PCI compliance, we strongly suggest upgrades for all customers running those versions.

How do I know if this server security alert affects me?

  • This alert affects customers with physical or virtual dedicated servers running versions of Red Hat Linux or CentOS Linux versions 4 or earlier.  CybrHost strongly recommends upgrading prior to December 31, 2011.
  • This does not affect customers who have purchased CybrHost Level 3 Managed Service Plans, as full operating system upgrades are included in your service.
  • This does not affect sites hosted on any CybrHost Shared Hosting Service.
  • We’re here to help:  If you are unsure what version you’re using or if you aren’t sure if this applies to you, just email for assistance.


What does this server security alert mean for me?

Without these security and maintenance updates, your server can become more vulnerable to costly security incidents and service outages.  You will also lose PCI compliance or be unable to attain PCI compliance until you complete an upgrade.

As time progresses, your server will become increasingly vulnerable, as new security vulnerabilities are discovered on a regular basis.   If a security intrusion happens on your server, your cleanup costs could range in the hundreds to thousands of dollars.

What is involved with an upgrade, and how much will it cost?

In most cases, upgrading to a new server is straightforward and inexpensive.  After you have placed an upgrade order, CybrHost engineers will:

  • Setup a brand new server, running the latest software versions of the operating system, PHP, MySQL, and control panel.
  • Work with you to migrate your site(s) to the new server at a convenient time.
  • Test to ensure everything is working OK, then shutdown the old server.

The entire process usually causes little to no downtime.

To make this transition as seamless as possible for our customers, if you upgrade prior to November 1st, 2011,  CybrHost will provide the following pricing options:

  • Upgrade to latest OS –   $50.00 one time fee, with a 1 year term extension
  • Upgrade to latest OS –  $250.00 one time fee, with no term extension

Note:  these fees include the new server setup and migration only.  They do not include any custom programming or analysis which may be required when doing an upgrade of this nature.  This is atypical but can be required if you’re using any custom built applications, especially those which involve complex PHP or MySQL operations, as both PHP and MySQL will be upgraded to their latest versions as well.  If you’re not sure, just write to and we can assist you.

Will my site URLs or IP addresses change?

Your IP addresses and site URLs will all remain the same.

How can I avoid these updates or alerts in the future?

CybrHost’s Level 3 Managed Service Plan includes up to one full operating system upgrade per year for no additional cost.   For more information on our Managed Service Plans, please visit or call us at 216-344-3889 x.601

OK, I’m ready for the upgrade.   What do I do next?

Please contact our upgrade team, by writing to or calling 216-344-3889 x 601 to discuss and schedule your upgrade.

CybrHost provides FREE Parallels Plesk Panel Upgrade to all Shared Hosting Customers

CybrHost is now providing all Shared Hosting Customers a FREE UPGRADE to the award-winning Parallels Plesk Control Panel!  Parallels Plesk Panel 10 is an easy to use web control panel,  that puts management of your website in your hands.

  • Easy management of databases, DNS and web hosting functions
  • Easy subdomain and domain creation & management
  • Easy installation and management of SSL certificates
  • Point-and-click access to hundreds of applications, including blogs, content management systems, shopping carts, and more.
  • Built-in file manager – no FTP required (FTP optional)
  • …. and much much more.

All Shared Hosting Customers will receive a FREE UPGRADE to the Parallels Plesk Control Panel this summer.  CybrHost Engineers will be performing upgrades in sequential order,  but if you are eager to try it now, email us and we’ll expedite your upgrade!

The Parallels Plesk Panel is compatible with all major shopping carts, including Miva, Pinnacle Cart, and Volusion, as well as Urchin and all other software we offer.