Pantek Launches Toolkit Server Program

As part of our continuing mission to provide the best Linux and Open Source Software support in the industry, Pantek is pleased to formally announce the launch of the Pantek Toolkit Server Program.

The Pantek Toolkit Server is an innovative approach to enhancing the professional IT support process. It is a fully functional Cloud Dedicated Server, instantly provisioned when support starts, and pre-configured with useful diagnostic tools which enable our support team to provide the fastest and most effective response to most support issues.

The Pantek Toolkit Server is FREE with all purchases of Expert Technical Support Services for 10 days.

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Slash Your Business Phone Bill With VOIP – Part 2

In the first blog we provided an introduction to VoIP, providing some basic information about using VoIP phone services. In Part 2, we’ll walk through opening an account with Pantek’s VOIP system and configuring a smartphone app for use with the account.

Opening a Pantek VOIP Account

To open an account, visit You’ll be asked for your name, email and other information, and how much money you’d like to add to your account. This can be as little as $35. There is no signup fee, and there’s a money-back guarantee on the initial deposit for new accounts.

Create a Sub Account

The first time you log in to your new account, you’ll be asked to create a sub account. Sub accounts are a convenient way to keep multiple users on the same account separated. Choose a name for the sub account. This will be the user name that gets entered into the smartphone app, IP phone, or analog adapter. Next choose a password, then set the ‘Caller ID Number’. This is what will appear on the caller ID display of the person you call. We’ll choose ‘Yes’ for ‘NAT’ which is the most common. Finally, click ‘Add Account’. The screen will refresh, then display the server settings appropriate for the new sub account, for example Register Server: We’re now ready to configure our smartphone app.

Configure your Smartphone App

Zoiper is one of many free VOIP apps and is available for most types of smartphones. Let’s use Zopier as an example:

– After installing Zoiper, tap ‘Config’ then ‘Accounts’ then ‘Add account’.
– Answer ‘Yes’ to the ‘Do you already have an acct ?’ question
– Then click ‘Manual configuration’. Choose ‘Sip’, then enter:

Account name:              Pantek VOIP     (or anything you wish)
                                     (this was displayed when the sub account was created)
Username:                   The name you chose for your sub account
Password:                    The password you chose for the sub account.

and that’s it. You should now be able to dial a phone number from the Zoiper app!

Configure a new Number for Inbound Calls

If you’d like to receive calls on your Zoiper app, simply purchase a phone number (sometimes called a DiD) from your Pantek VOIP account. You can also chose to move an existing phone number such as your business phone number to your Pantek VOIP account.

– Under ‘My Products & Services’, click ‘My Numbers’, then ‘All’.
   You’ll see the new number along with any others.
– From the dropdown in the ‘Action’ column, select ‘Routing Method’.
   We’ll choose ‘SIP’ for the protocol and ‘ATA Device…’ for ‘Type’.

This choice is for end-user devices such as soft/hard phones or analog adapters
(ATAs) or smartphone apps.  If instead the number will be used on an Asterisk or FreePBX server we’d choose ‘PBX Server…’.

– Again we click ‘Next’ and see a list of sub accounts.
   We’ll check the box next to the sub account that we created earlier and click ‘Next’.
– You’ll see a final confirmation page. Click ‘Submit’.

The number is now ready to use. If you call the number from any phone, your smartphone app will ring.


Taking advantage of the cost savings made possible by VoIP is easy and takes just a few minutes. In this Blog, we discussed setting up a simple smartphone app for use with your Pantek VOIP account, but there are many more possibilities. Using our services you can also allow SMS messages to be sent and received over VOIP so that your customers can contact you by sending a text to your VOIP phone number. Faxing over VOIP is another available feature.

We can also help you set up a complete VOIP-based PBX phone system for your business which includes extensions, voicemail and many other features. Contact the experts at Pantek to discuss the many ways that your business can benefit from VOIP technology by either calling us at: 877-546-8934 (international: 216-344-1614) or sending us an information request (

New Pantek Service Offerings

As part of our continuing mission to offer the best Linux and Open Source Services on the planet, Pantek is pleased to announce three new professional service offerings:

Recurring Technical Support Services –  you can now order our Expert Technical Support Services on an automatic recurring term – monthly, quarterly, or annually — for a reduced rate. This new, optional feature is helpful for clients who require an active support contract at all times.

While Pantek has offered a range of Expert Linux Security Services since 1999 as part of our Hourly Tech Support Services, we are now offering two Fixed Price security products:

  • Server Security Audits: a comprehensive Linux Server Security Audit performed by our Expert Engineers for a fixed price of $1599. Includes a detailed report & recommendations.

  • Server Security Hardening: recommended for all Linux Servers, our Expert Engineers harden your server against a wide variety of potential security vulnerabilities for $499.

More information on these new offerings can be found at the links above, and you can be order through either the Pantek Store or the Pantek Client Portal.

  Our passion, focus, and experience has always been providing consulting, support, and security services for Linux and Open Source Software. These new offerings expand the range of options for our clients. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

New Client Service Portal

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Client Support Portal!

This free Portal enhances your support experience with Pantek with several features:

– Open new Expert Linux Technical Support Tickets online in minutes
– View past Technical Support Tickets from 2012 until the present
– Check account Time Balance and purchase additional Support Time
– Add and manage authorized account contacts who can open Tickets
– View past invoices, update credit card and all billing information

If you were one of our beta testers, you already have access and can continue using all features. If not, a new account login & password will be emailed to you this week.

You can access the Portal directly here:

We hope you find this free Portal useful. Thank you for choosing Pantek!

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CybrHost provides FREE Parallels Plesk Panel Upgrade to all Shared Hosting Customers

CybrHost is now providing all Shared Hosting Customers a FREE UPGRADE to the award-winning Parallels Plesk Control Panel!  Parallels Plesk Panel 10 is an easy to use web control panel,  that puts management of your website in your hands.

  • Easy management of databases, DNS and web hosting functions
  • Easy subdomain and domain creation & management
  • Easy installation and management of SSL certificates
  • Point-and-click access to hundreds of applications, including blogs, content management systems, shopping carts, and more.
  • Built-in file manager – no FTP required (FTP optional)
  • …. and much much more.

All Shared Hosting Customers will receive a FREE UPGRADE to the Parallels Plesk Control Panel this summer.  CybrHost Engineers will be performing upgrades in sequential order,  but if you are eager to try it now, email us and we’ll expedite your upgrade!

The Parallels Plesk Panel is compatible with all major shopping carts, including Miva, Pinnacle Cart, and Volusion, as well as Urchin and all other software we offer.

If it’s Broken, Pantek Will Fix it… But What About Prevention?

Independence, Ohio – Pantek now offers Linux Managed Services ( for proactive Linux and Open Source Software support. Their new services are designed to help offload day-to-day server related management, improve network operations and identify potential problems before they escalate.

“Traditionally our business has been focused on providing 24/7 emergency technical support. With the launch of our Linux Managed Services we hope to reach organizations with a more proactive approach to managing and maintaining their servers,” said Sales and Marketing Manager, Jay Myers. “We’ll continue to provide expert emergency support around the clock, but now we can better help avoid those emergencies in the first place.”

Pantek’s Linux Server Management Services can be customized to fit your specific needs.

CybrHost Leads the Way to Security Standards Compliance

CybrHost Corporation today announced that they have the technology and infrastructure in place to support PA-DSS compliant applications and are eager to assist their customers in meeting PA-DSS compliance requirements. PA-DSS stands for Payment Application Data Security Standard and is the global security standard created by the PCI SSC or Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (

PA-DSS was created in an effort to provide a definitive data standard for software vendors that develop payment applications. The standard aims to prevent developed payment applications for third parties from storing prohibited secure data. July 1st, 2010 was the mandatory deadline for all payment applications to receive their PA-DSS Validation. This requirement applies to all payment gateway providers, swipe terminals, and shopping cart vendors.

“We work hard to stay on top of the current industry standards, especially when they concern security” said Matt Whitted, Hosting Director. “Miva Merchant was one of the first shopping cart vendors to become PA-DSS certified, but we are prepared to support other e-commerce applications as well.” About Cybrhost

CybrHost provides hosting and Internet services tailored to the specific demands and requirements of organizations selling goods and services online. We emphasize our responsive and knowledgeable customer service, partnerships with market leaders, and enterprise class reliability. CybrHost has been a premier Miva Merchant partner since 1999. For more information please visit or call 216-344-3889.

Full story click here:

CybrHost Demonstrates New Customer Portal at Conference

CybrHost, an e-commerce hosting provider, demonstrated their new customer portal at the Miva Merchant conference in San Diego last month. The new portal will allow CybrHost customers to conveniently access the most requested features directly from a single web page. Current features include full management of e-mail addresses, access to the CybrHost helpdesk, anti-spam control, and detailed utilization reports. Additional features are planned for Q3 2010.

The Conference, hosted by Miva Merchant (, was attended by partners, developers and customers. As a premier partner, CybrHost had the opportunity to participate in group discussions, training sessions and keynote presentations as a well as provide live demonstrations of their new customer portal developed specifically for CybrHost customers.

“The customer portal project has been a unique challenge for us,” said Matt Whitted, Hosting Director at CybrHost. “Many competing web hosts use pre-packaged control panel software. We quickly found that these products did not meet the specific needs of our e-commerce customers. To provide a tailored feature set while maintaining the highest levels of security and stability, it became obvious that building our own in-house solution was the only option.”

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs at Pantek!

Pantek, a growing NE Ohio IT Services company, was chosen by Embrace Pet Insurance to provide Project Management, Software Design, and Database Design services for portions of their on-line portal. Through their efforts, Pantek’s recognized experts will enable Embrace Pet Insurance to ensure accurate, secure, and reliable delivery of online portal services to their clients, 24/7/365.

Many people love their animals and treat them like their own children. For many, an injury or the loss of a pet are devastating and some people don’t know where to turn. To save a “family friend” after an injury can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Where do you turn when you don’t have the money to save your pets life? That’s where the protection of Embrace Pet Insurance comes into play.

Embrace Pet Insurance has developed proprietary veterinary actuarial tables and established a highly customizable menu of insurance options. The U.S. market for pet insurance, which allows pet owners to avoid catastrophic healthcare costs for their pets, doubled from $61 million in 2001 to $120 million in 2003, and is expected to grow to $500 million by 2008.

Richard Zack, CEO of Pantek is very excited to be an integral part of a company like Embrace Pet Insurance. “Pantek is pleased to partner with Embrace Pet Insurance on their exciting and innovative approach,” stated Zack, “and helping Embrace Pet Insurance deliver a special and necessary product to the consumers, makes us proud to be a part of their team.”

Laura Bennett, CEO of Embrace Pet Insurance is also excited to be working with Pantek. “Our partners at Pantek have an excellent track record of providing innovative systems solutions on time and within budget,” stated Bennett, “We work well together as well, and that’s important to us.”

Pantek’s track record of innovative solutions has propelled Pantek to mutual success with their clients. Pantek has recently increased their office size, moved their headquarters to downtown Cleveland, and added new staff members. Their success comes from providing superior customer service with unrivaled response time, entering into relationships with a win-win attitude, and leveraging advanced software development methodologies.

Embrace Pet Insurance has recently increased its market share possibilities by receiving an $80,000 investment from the Cleveland-based state-funded economic development organization JumpStart Inc. Jumpstart recently announced that it would invest as much as $1.2 million in five Northeast Ohio companies, including Embrace Pet Insurance, a direct-to-consumer provider of pet insurance policies.