Critical Linux Vulnerability Alert: BIND9

A critical security vulnerability has been announced in the BIND9 DNS server.

This vulnerability affects all implementations of the Domain Name System (DNS) server Bind. It potentially allows any remote attacker to disable your Bind DNS server which could cause an interruption in your Web, Email, and other services.

Fixing this vulnerability requires updating “bind” packages and restarting the service.

All Pantek Support Engineers have been advised of this issue, and trained in the appropriate response procedure. If you would like our assistance to fix this vulnerability, please open a ticket with us a

Pantek customers who have purchased Pantek Managed Service Plans will receive a separate notification, as management of these third-party security issues is included without incurring extra charges. If you’re interested in upgrading your Managed Service Plan, more information is available here:

You can read more about this vulnerability here:

Richard Zack

Richard Zack

Richard is an entrepreneur, manager and Open Source Software professional with over 20 years of Linux and Open Source Software experience. The original founder of Pantek, Richard built Pantek from the ground up, and as Chief Technical Officer he leads all technology teams and operations of Pantek. Richard's career includes extensive experience with acquisitions, technology and staff management, business development, infrastructure engineering, and system administration. Richard is a guru with most Linux and Open Source Software and platforms, and is a Red Hat Certified Engineer.
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