Pantek Named Finalist for Green Award

CybrHost’s parent company, Pantek Inc., has been named a finalist for the 2011 Green Plus North American Sustainable Enterprise Award. Pantek’s environmental efforts and success in balancing strong business, community, and environmental practices while minimizing environmental impact are worthy of recognition.

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Pantek Achieves Green Plus Certification

The Institute for Sustainable Development ( announced on November 11th that Pantek was one of four organizations to achieve full Green Plus™ Certification in the third quarter of 2010. The Institute for Sustainable Development’s Green Plus™ program recognizes smaller enterprises. dedication to triple bottom line sustainability by measuring their business, environmental and community practices. Green Plus™ Certification is the Institute’s highest level of recognition.

“Going through Green Plus certification really opened our eyes to sustainability issues and to the environmental cost of doing business. Now that we know, we’re taking the necessary steps to minimize that cost — because it’s the right thing to do,” concluded Barry Zack, president of Pantek.

Since moving to a new building in 2008, Pantek has shown a strong commitment toward sustainability and improving their green practices. In choosing a location for their new offices, a major consideration was the amount of available natural light; all offices and cubicles have sources of sunlight. Notably, in order to reduce environmental strain from commuting, Pantek, has also developed a program in which employees who demonstrate excellence in their work, may work from home one or more days per week. As an IT company, computers are essential to Pantek’s business; to fill this need they utilize power efficient computers with rated energy saving power supplies.

“We’re proud of the progress we’ve made in reducing our environmental impact, and we’ll work diligently to expand our efforts,” said Linda Zack, V.P. of Marketing. “We’ve cut our carbon footprint significantly by making improvements in our office and our hosting center, by reducing employee commutes through work-at-home programs, and made a corporate commitment to improving the local environment through tree planting.”

About the Institute for Sustainable Development:

The Institute for Sustainable Development is a North Carolina Research Triangle non-profit initiative of universities and chambers of commerce to help small businesses and their communities benefit from sustainable practices and to foster a new generation of sustainability leaders. The Institute’s North Carolina university partners include Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment, Durham Technical Community College, Elon University’s Martha and Spencer Love School of Business, North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The Institute partners with the American Chamber of Commerce Executives, a 1,400 chamber of commerce network with 1.3 million business members, to offer Green Plus. nationwide, and with seventeen regional chambers of commerce to provide sustainable business education in twelve states. It also runs a national Green Plus. Sustainability Fellows program, training students from graduate schools around the country to help smaller enterprises understand and benefit from the triple bottom line.

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CybrHost is Going Green by Staying Home

CybrHost is going green by staying home. In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day 2010 all CybrHost employees will be working from home on Wednesday, April 21st in an effort to minimize their energy footprint for the day.

“We are working to become a certified green corporation. We are reducing our carbon footprint, planting trees to improve the environment, and exploring carbon offset credits to reach carbon neutrality”, said Matt Whitted, Hosting Director.

“We’re recycling, we’re pursuing ‘green’ supply alternatives, and we’ve instituted a corporate process that considers the green status of our office and data center from the highest levels.”

CybrHost is also celebrating Earth Day by planting a tree for each new customer during April and May. Trees will be planted locally in northeast Ohio, where they will help reduce pollution, offset carbon emissions, improve water quality, and provide natural habitat for wildlife.

“We feel a personal responsibility for our local area, and have made personal commitments to it. We maintain 40 acres of urban woodlands at our home farm, and continue to make personal investments in our nation’s ecology”, said Linda Zack, Vice President and part owner. “Now CybrHost is joining the effort. We have a ways to go, of course, but we’ll continue to pursue carbon neutrality through carbon reduction in our business and through local tree plantings.”

CybrHost plans to keep customers and the community updated on their progress at their Going Green website,