Pantek Launches Toolkit Server Program

As part of our continuing mission to provide the best Linux and Open Source Software support in the industry, Pantek is pleased to formally announce the launch of the Pantek Toolkit Server Program.

The Pantek Toolkit Server is an innovative approach to enhancing the professional IT support process. It is a fully functional Cloud Dedicated Server, instantly provisioned when support starts, and pre-configured with useful diagnostic tools which enable our support team to provide the fastest and most effective response to most support issues.

The Pantek Toolkit Server is FREE with all purchases of Expert Technical Support Services for 10 days.

Here are the highlights of what’s included:

  • Standard Database, Email, and Web server software to be used as either examples of working configurations, and/or as a fully usable services which can be used as needed by our clients.
  • The Odin Plesk Control Panel which eases server management and offers one-click installs of several common software packages, such as WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, and more
  • A private, secure jump off point for our support staff to access Client systems, which also enables substantially faster access time for clients with servers behind firewalls or VPNs
  • A modern Cloud Control Panel which enables clients to provision, size and re-size an unlimited number of Virtual Machines, standard and SSD storage devices, IP addresses, in 15 enterprise class datacenters globally.
  • Pantek server management tools & scripts to enable clients to maximize server performance

To take advantage of the Pantek Toolkit Server, just place an order for Pantek Expert Technical Support services and it will be automatically setup. Or, existing clients can specifically order one here:

We look forward to continuing to support you. Thank you for choosing Pantek!

Richard Zack

Richard Zack

Richard is an entrepreneur, manager and Open Source Software professional with over 20 years of Linux and Open Source Software experience. The original founder of Pantek, Richard built Pantek from the ground up, and as Chief Technical Officer he leads all technology teams and operations of Pantek. Richard's career includes extensive experience with acquisitions, technology and staff management, business development, infrastructure engineering, and system administration. Richard is a guru with most Linux and Open Source Software and platforms, and is a Red Hat Certified Engineer.
Richard Zack

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