Pantek’s name is changing to Metisentry

We’re changing our name!

As you may know, back on the first of January, Pantek merged with the Akron, OH based company Metisentry LLC.  We merged our staff, management, and infrastructure, but kept the administration, marketing, helpdesks, websites, etc., separate.  The time has now come to fully merge the two companies!

You can find out more about the Pantek/Metisentry merge here:

Pantek will now be known as Metisentry.  Since 1995, Pantek has provided global IT consulting, support, hosting, and software development services, while Metisentry has been providing integrated business software, IT security and cloud services for the last 10 years.  Both companies have deep expertise in IT Security and with Linux/Open Source platforms.  We’ve leveraged thecapabilities between the two companies and it has been a fantastic fit.

 The name Metisentry has significant meaning. Metis was the Titan goddess of wise counsel and craftiness. A sentry is one who keeps guard. This lends well to the direction we see the company moving.  We see the combined Metisentry, as a company that offers Secure Solutions on Linux and Open Source.

What does this mean to you?

Over time, you will see more references to Metisentry and less to Pantek.  This will start with the customer portal, email addresses and billing statements.  You may see some items labeled as Pantek and some as Metisentry, as we make updates.

But that is it!  We’re otherwise still the same company:
  • Same great service and pricing
  • Same great staff and management teams
  • Same cloud, consulting and software development services
  • No interruptions to any service
The Pantek website will ultimately be merged into the Metisentry site.  Over the coming weeks, you may notice some changes to the Pantek site as we go through these updates.
We’re excited to be integrating Metisentry and Pantek, and we look forward to serving you into the future.

Jeff Schafer

Jeff Schafer is the EVP of Digital Strategy & Business Development at Pantek. He manages a team of developers and strategists and is the lead digital architect and strategist for Pantek and its host of clients. His expertise allows him to create innovative solutions for clients that amplify value and increase financial gains. Jeff is knownfor transforming complex problems into action and creating intricate custom platforms for Fortune 1000 companies.Jeff has a unique ability to understand, interpret and create technical solutions while manifesting creative digital marketing strategy and powerful UX Strategy and Design.As the founder and president of Pencilneck Software, Jeff maintained long-term relationships with clients because of the innovative solutions he developed and his meticulous attention to detail. Jeff founded and sold Pencilneck Software to Pantek after 13 years in business.

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