Pantek Inc. Acquires Pencilneck Software


FRISCO, TX – Pantek of Independence, Ohio has acquired Pencilneck Software in an effort to expand its portfolio and offer expert-level web software development, user experience (UX) strategy and design services.

Pantek has long been known as a resource for medium to large scale companies who need high-level consulting for open source technologies from senior level engineers. Bringing Pencilneck onboard allows Pantek to diversify its already strong portfolio, offering not only open source software consulting and support but also a full menu of top-level web development services. Pencilneck Software has been able to create custom web-based software platforms for dozens of high-end clients.

Taking a best-practices approach, Pencilneck provides User Experience (UX) strategies and then custom fits web based technologies to the individual client’s business model. Because of its commitment to quality, Pencilneck’s clients turn out to be more like long-term partnerships and that’s the kind of culture Pantek is looking to strengthen with its client base. The alliance between Pantek and Pencilneck puts a team of experts under one roof that now offer expert IT services and hosting, as well as the best in digital strategy, design and production, giving clients access to short and long-term solutions in one place.

“We are excited to bring Jeff Schafer and his team to Pantek. This addition has positioned us for growth and will help us better serve our existing clients,” said CEO Michael Fischer.

Three of Pencilneck’s key employees will remain with Pantek, including one of the founders, Jeff Schafer, whose office will remain in Frisco, Texas. Pencilneck will not keep its name but its digital solutions offering will become a new division of Pantek.

Jeff Schafer

Jeff Schafer is the EVP of Digital Strategy & Business Development at Pantek. He manages a team of developers and strategists and is the lead digital architect and strategist for Pantek and its host of clients. His expertise allows him to create innovative solutions for clients that amplify value and increase financial gains. Jeff is knownfor transforming complex problems into action and creating intricate custom platforms for Fortune 1000 companies.Jeff has a unique ability to understand, interpret and create technical solutions while manifesting creative digital marketing strategy and powerful UX Strategy and Design.As the founder and president of Pencilneck Software, Jeff maintained long-term relationships with clients because of the innovative solutions he developed and his meticulous attention to detail. Jeff founded and sold Pencilneck Software to Pantek after 13 years in business.

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  1. […] Pencilneck Software, who has been an NTEC member company since 2010 has been acquired by Pantek, of Independence, Ohio. The move combines Pantek’s expert Linux and Open Source professional services with Pencilneck’s high-end digital strategy and software development services. Pencilneck co-founder, Jeff Schafer, was at the helm at Pencilneck for 13 years before deciding to align with Pantek. He has worked with many NTEC companies and their associates and will still be available for digital strategy, UX design and software development under Pantek’s umbrella. Schafer’s office will remain in the NTEC community. Take a moment to congratulate Jeff! Click here for the news release: […]

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