Slash Your Business Phone Bill With VOIP – Part 2

In the first blog we provided an introduction to VoIP, providing some basic information about using VoIP phone services. In Part 2, we’ll walk through opening an account with Pantek’s VOIP system and configuring a smartphone app for use with the account.

Opening a Pantek VOIP Account

To open an account, visit You’ll be asked for your name, email and other information, and how much money you’d like to add to your account. This can be as little as $35. There is no signup fee, and there’s a money-back guarantee on the initial deposit for new accounts.

Create a Sub Account

The first time you log in to your new account, you’ll be asked to create a sub account. Sub accounts are a convenient way to keep multiple users on the same account separated. Choose a name for the sub account. This will be the user name that gets entered into the smartphone app, IP phone, or analog adapter. Next choose a password, then set the ‘Caller ID Number’. This is what will appear on the caller ID display of the person you call. We’ll choose ‘Yes’ for ‘NAT’ which is the most common. Finally, click ‘Add Account’. The screen will refresh, then display the server settings appropriate for the new sub account, for example Register Server: We’re now ready to configure our smartphone app.

Configure your Smartphone App

Zoiper is one of many free VOIP apps and is available for most types of smartphones. Let’s use Zopier as an example:

– After installing Zoiper, tap ‘Config’ then ‘Accounts’ then ‘Add account’.
– Answer ‘Yes’ to the ‘Do you already have an acct ?’ question
– Then click ‘Manual configuration’. Choose ‘Sip’, then enter:

Account name:              Pantek VOIP     (or anything you wish)
                                     (this was displayed when the sub account was created)
Username:                   The name you chose for your sub account
Password:                    The password you chose for the sub account.

and that’s it. You should now be able to dial a phone number from the Zoiper app!

Configure a new Number for Inbound Calls

If you’d like to receive calls on your Zoiper app, simply purchase a phone number (sometimes called a DiD) from your Pantek VOIP account. You can also chose to move an existing phone number such as your business phone number to your Pantek VOIP account.

– Under ‘My Products & Services’, click ‘My Numbers’, then ‘All’.
   You’ll see the new number along with any others.
– From the dropdown in the ‘Action’ column, select ‘Routing Method’.
   We’ll choose ‘SIP’ for the protocol and ‘ATA Device…’ for ‘Type’.

This choice is for end-user devices such as soft/hard phones or analog adapters
(ATAs) or smartphone apps.  If instead the number will be used on an Asterisk or FreePBX server we’d choose ‘PBX Server…’.

– Again we click ‘Next’ and see a list of sub accounts.
   We’ll check the box next to the sub account that we created earlier and click ‘Next’.
– You’ll see a final confirmation page. Click ‘Submit’.

The number is now ready to use. If you call the number from any phone, your smartphone app will ring.


Taking advantage of the cost savings made possible by VoIP is easy and takes just a few minutes. In this Blog, we discussed setting up a simple smartphone app for use with your Pantek VOIP account, but there are many more possibilities. Using our services you can also allow SMS messages to be sent and received over VOIP so that your customers can contact you by sending a text to your VOIP phone number. Faxing over VOIP is another available feature.

We can also help you set up a complete VOIP-based PBX phone system for your business which includes extensions, voicemail and many other features. Contact the experts at Pantek to discuss the many ways that your business can benefit from VOIP technology by either calling us at: 877-546-8934 (international: 216-344-1614) or sending us an information request (

Dave Burlage

Senior Consultant at Pantek, Inc.
Dave is a Senior Consultant at Pantek.